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Scarf Lariat Crochet Flower Festival Summer Infinity Purple Green Blue Necklace Spring Floral Leaf Freeform OOAK Extra Long Skinny


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Black Triangle Infinity Scarf Outlander Cowl Oversized Ivory Celtic Highland Chunky Neckwarmer Winter Crochet Knit Womens Winter


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Durag Hippie Bandana Gypsy Hat Pink Gray Summer Womens Mens Unisex Black Spirit Mesh Festival Dreadlock Scarf Hair Band Dorag Boho


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Teal Bun Hat Messy Beanie Pony Tail Mom Life Hair Crochet Button Winter Womens Ear Warmer Hat


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Beaine Hat Messy Bun Pony Tail Mom Life Hair Crochet Ivory Celtic Outlander Winter Womens Ear Warmer Hat


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Hat Messy Bun Beanie Pony Tail Brown Earth Tone Mom Life Hair Crochet Button Winter Womens Ear Warmer Hat


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Wild Irish Rose Crochet Shawls Lariats Scaves Hats & More

As a Irish American, my mother passed down the love of Irish Crochet to me. I love the idea, of being able to create something beautiful each and every day. Each design is different and each one made special by hand, ready for you to wear. I am sure when you wear any of my designs you will feel like a "wild irish rose".